Inspired by a Confucius tale, Three Seasons is a short narrative film about an awkward family reunion. In the frozen season of Cloudville, half-frozen Elliot welcomes a visit from his estranged Piyan cousin Freya who is also his foster sister. The two biologically related young adults struggles to connect as kins, but their cultural difference and complicated family past from the parents’ generation never ceased to shadow their mind, making it harder for them to form an emotional tie. As they move forward, they question and recognize the essence of kinship and family.

Freya comes to Cloudville in search of her never-met cousin Elliot. To Freya’s surprise, the rule of time and season is different in Cloudville. In the current season, all the Cloudville people seem to be “frozen”, and Elliot succumbs to random bouts of narcolepsy.
Freya‘s face reminds Elliot of his mother Laura, who has abandoned him in Cloudville and gone back to her hometown Piyan. There, she developed a romantic relationship with her biological brother while living with him and his daughter Freya. Freya grows up unhappily because of the strange family structure. The unconventional relationship is finally discovered by Piyan people. The couple are lynched. Freya fled.
Elliot manages to fight off the seasonal slumber and sorts out his complex feeling towards his mother, which is constantly reminded by Freya who bears a strong resemblance to her. On the other hand, Freya realizes that Elliot is much more traumatized than herself by their parents’ relationship. The abandoned child has been wishing the mother to return and refuses to grow up. Freya does not know if it is the right decision to reveal to him that Laura had been killed.
In this strange frozen season, the only two people who are awake in town try to connect as family. They need to overcome borders of Elliot’s seasonal syndrome, Freya’s self-consciousness, and a unpleasant family past.

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