Humans exist in the physical realm but my art does not.

Through designing playful public engagement models and creating ritualistic experiences, I facilitate healing for members of the society who have endured pains and vulnerabilities as results of inherited conditions of privilege and discrimination. My creations are only alive in transient moments when engaged by individuals. The engagement activates public spaces, inviting individuals to enter through practicing encrypted rituals.

The mediums of my facilitation are nonconforming. I work with light, enlightening the physical space and mental world, whether it is through building sculptural lighting fixtures or projecting layers of shimmering imageries on existing surfaces. Light heals and opens up a meditative space where the mind is present and the eyes are focused. With light, my works guide individuals to acknowledge traditionally overlooked and euphemized institutionalized power imbalances, and help them to gain strengths and vocabularies to cope until reaching the moment of reconciliation.

Currently, I focus on institutionalized gender power imbalance and its major intersectionalities in the US such as race and socio-economic status.

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