Humans exist in the physical realm but my art does not. 
Through designing social engagement models in the form of playful rituals, multimedia installations, and physical computing environments, I create situations of tension that provoke conscious interfacing between individuals and their cultural environment. My works expose patterns of socialization, empower individuals to walk away from cycles of oppression, and help them to claim ownership of their beings, bodies and roles in different dynamics related to inherited power status. 
My creations are activated in transient moments when engaged by individuals, and the takeaways will continue to grow as the individuals return to their original state of beings. My works guide individuals to acknowledge traditionally overlooked and euphemized institutionalized power imbalances, and help them to gain confidence and vocabulary to cope until reaching the moment of reconciliation.
Currently, I focus on the politics of body, institutionalized gender power imbalance and its major intersectionality in the US such as race, socioeconomic status and immigrant experience.

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